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Accounting Sample Objectives

Below are sample objectives that past students have designed for their Accounting Co-op

  1. Report financial information via the Internet.
  2. Reconcile bank accounts
  3. Prepare invoices and record receivables in the general ledger
  4. Prepare journal entries and input them into the accounting system.
  5. Transfer funds from one bank account to another.
  6. Allocate funds into a budget for a specific program.
  7. Collect tax data in client interviews.
  8. Prepare tax forms for individuals.
  9. Prepare tax forms for sole proprietors.
  10. Prepare supporting tax schedules.
  11. Correspond with clients as needed.
  12. Use Corporate Asset System software.
  13. Assist in closing Job Orders.
  14. Review/Correct Labor and Travel History Files.
  15. Assist with Sales Register Reconciliation.
  16. Analyze Accepted/Rejected funding documents to develop Pareto charts.
  17. Assist with trend analysis of Comptroller Department Budget
  18. Use Excel and Access to support the department.
  19. Use the SYMPAQ job cost module to produce labor distribution reports.
  20. Use the SYMPAQ contract module to generate and track funding levels.
  21. Install financial statement formulas into SYMPAQ to generate reports.
  22. Use the SYMPAQ accounts receivable module to generate billing.
  23. Develop employee census to research companies for a hospitalization plan
  24. Review financial statements to derive audit information.
  25. Classify DoD financial information to effectively conduct audits.
  26. Disseminate financial information to various commands.
  27. Prepare audit reports for Congress and various commands.
  28. Use Travel Manager and Financial Data Base software.
  29. Perform on-line queries using the Financial Data Base Reporting Subsystem.
  30. Assemble Travel History Reports.
  31. Apply travel charges to the correct line of accounting using Microsoft Access.
  32. Use Excel to perform research on No Cost orders.
  33. Use Excel spreadsheets to track savings deposit volume.
  34. Use Oracle software to generate quarterly loan reports.
  35. Use OnBase software to generate monthly accrual entries.
  36. Prepare general ledger expense activity reports.
  37. Use OnBase software to generate cash flow reports