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NOTES: The term "Colored" was in use in the early part of the century to describe African-Americans. This term was also applied to distinguish schools for white children from those for black children. Many black schools taught thru the 8Th grade and had an average of 30 students of varying ages and educational needs.

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Below is a list of African American schools in Charles County through 1965, the year the schools were desegregated. There's information on the school, people who attended, and personal experiences. 

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You’ll note some information is missing. This is a living document that needs your input. If you can help us fill in the blanks, or want to add your personal experiences, please contact us at, or fill out our on-line submission form. Thank you.

Bel Alton Colored School 
Benedict School 
Bryantown Colored School
Bryce Chapel School
Cedar Point
Chicamuxen Negro School 
County School House  
Federal Hill Colored School
Glymont Elementary School
Hawkins Gate
Hill Top School
Holly Spring School
Hughesville High School
Indian Head Elementary School
Lackey High School
La Plata High School
Malcolm Colored School
Marbury School
Mason Spring School
McConchie School
Middletown School
Mt. Hope Colored School
Oak Grove School
Pomfret School
Pomonkey High School
Port Tobacco School
Rock Point White (Elementary) School
Shiloh School
Sims Hill
St. Mary's Colored School
Tompkinsville Elementary
Waldorf Colored School
Wayside School
White Plains Elementary
Wicomico School

Please continue on to learn more about school sports and activities. 

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Sailor: Inventory of African American Historical and Cultural Resources, Charles County, Maryland,;

Charles County, Maryland, Board of Education (School Board minutes): and Recollections and remembrances from former students. 


If you have some information to share about any of these schools, please contact us at, or fill out our on-line submission form.

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