About Us

Beyond Expecations

The College of Southern Maryland is a thriving community college driven by the hard work and forward-thinking spirit of students. When you enroll at CSM, you’ll join a diverse learning community led by passionate, expert faculty members.

What unites us at CSM is our desire to see lives transformed –to see each student move a little closer every day toward realizing their full potential. Whatever your goals may be –either personal or professional –we are thrilled to help you meet and exceed them. 

What You’ll Find at CSM

Quality Education That Won’t Break the Bank

Don’t be discouraged by how much college may cost. You can earn an associate’s degree at CSM for $29,000 less per year than what you’d pay at a public, 4-year, in-state institution. Plus, CSM has over 50 guaranteed admission partnerships with different universities, making it possible to earn a quality education without the extra strain on your wallet.

Flexibility & Convenience

We have campuses in Calvert, Charles and St. Mary’s counties, and many of our programs are offered fully online–meaning that no matter where you are, you’ll always have a convenient way to study at CSM.

Faculty Focused On Your Success

We couldn’t teach uniquely talented students like you at CSM if we didn’t have some pretty spectacular faculty. And with 95 percent of our faculty members holding a master’s or doctorate in their fields, you’ll learn from some of the best instructors around –all in an environment intentionally designed to help you grow. Add in the fact that there are just 20 students for every one CSM instructor, and the conditions couldn’t better for your success.

A Curriculum That’s Ahead of the Curve

If you’re putting time and money into learning something, it’s nice to know the new knowledge and skills you acquire will stay relevant for years to come. At CSM, we have a carefully crafted curriculum designed to teach you the latest and greatest skills and knowledge you’ll need to be successful in your industry.

Consider that CSM is recognized as a top-10 Digitally Savvy Community College, and you can bet that what you learn will be relevant, timely, and carefully crafted to help you become a leader in your industry (source: American Association of Community Colleges and the Center for Digital Education).

Essential Tools for Your Next Big Step

Whether you’re planning to transfer to a bachelor-degree program, grow in your current career, or pursue an entirely new professional path, we have the passion and the people to help you succeed.