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Calculus I and Analytic Geometry

Course: MTH-1200
Course Credits: 4
Prerequisites: 1 group; # MTH-1150 MTH-PLACE; # MTH-1120 MTH-1130(8060) MTH-PLACE


This first course in the calculus sequence is intended for students in the fields of mathematics, engineering, and the physical and life sciences. Topics include limits, continuity, derivatives, basic differential equations, parametric equations, indefinite and definite integration. Differential calculus applications include L'Hopitals Rule, curve sketching, optimization, Newton's Method, and rate problems. Integral calculus applications include areas of regions, volumes of solids and arc length. This course is offered as traditional lecture and web-based formats.

Contact A. Ronaldi, Chair, if you have any questions pertaining to this course.

Last Update: May 9, 2012