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Julie A. Walton
Community Mediation Coordinator

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Do you like helping people? We are seeking volunteer mediators!

Our Mission

The Mediation Center of Charles County creates a web of peacebuilding relationships cast over all of Charles County. The center leads by example through mediation, facilitation, outreach and education, making collaborative problem solving the standard to address challenging conversations. Building a county wide roster of volunteer mediators and facilitators, the center provides services cost free to the citizens of Charles County.

What is Mediation?

Mediation is a voluntary and confidential process for people involved in a dispute, or who need to have a difficult conversation. Trained mediators guide participants through an informal process that helps those involved to identify the issues and generate their own resolutions. Mediators are non-judgmental, do not take sides or tell you what to do.


Types of disputes typically mediated:

  • Neighbor/Neighbor (pets, fences, home and property additions, parking, noise, etc.)
  • Spouse/Spouse (relationships, child custody, visitation, parenting issues, communication)
  • Parent/Teen conflicts (curfew, driving, housekeeping, school, attendance,/performance, friends)
  • Parent/ Other family conflicts such as siblings or in-laws (property, adult siblings, elder care)
  • Roommates or Friends (interpersonal relationships, rent, housekeeping, communication)
  • Landlord/Tenant
  • Employer/Employee or Co-workers
  • Business/Customer
  • Neighborhood Associations disputes