C S M  T O D A Y

Destination College

CSM will host Barnhart Elementary 5th grades for a Destination College event. Through our Destination College events, CSM is afforded the opportunity to allow Charles County 5th grade students the experience of trying "college-for-a-day". It is CS More …

Farming for Knowledge, Community

The College of Southern Maryland is partnering with Farming 4 Hunger, a Southern Maryland-based non-profit organization, to offer community education classes on gardening and farming. The classes, the majority of which are held at Serenity Farm in ... More …

A New Way to Apply for CSM Foundation Scholarships

The Online Scholarship Finder tentatively opens for the 2015-2016 academic year on March 31! This year the Online Scholarship Finder is getting a new look! With improved program capabilities, applying for CSM scholarships will be more streamlined and easier than ever. Learn more!