C S M  T O D A Y

College-wide SGA Elections

Voting for Student Association Officers will take place from April 13th - April 23rd, 2015. Please vote for the candidates on your campus as this impacts you as a student. Ballots can be cast online or by paper ballot. Online ballots can be More …

CSM’s Wellness, Fitness, Aquatics Programs Spur Lifestyle Changes for Clements Couple As They Spin, Swim, Step, Transform

Seven days a week, Tom and Carol Davis of Clements can be found at the College of Southern Maryland Leonardtown Campus’ Wellness and Aquatics Center. It’s not a title they aspired to, but they’ve become what they would describe as ‘Gym Rats.’ ... More …

Join Us This Week for Spring Flings on all Three Campuses

April means Spring Fling! This year's events are bigger and better. Join us on the April 16 on the Leonardtown and La Plata Campuses and April 23 on the Prince Frederick Campus. Click here to learn more about student life events.