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Academic Catalog

A comprehensive guide to the services, programs and classes offered at CSM.

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If you are unsure which catalog to follow, contact an Academic Advisor for further assistance.

More about catalog year selection

Requirements printed in the academic catalog are those which must be satisfied for graduation. A student should follow the catalog for the academic calendar year in which the student enters CSM, registers and attends classes. Additionally, the student may choose to follow any catalog that most benefits him or her, so long as the student was enrolled in a class in that academic calendar year.

An catalog academic calendar year runs from Summer term (June) through the end of Spring term (May). For example, students entering CSM in August 2008 would follow the 2008-2010 Catalog requirements.

Any future changes to program requirements published in later versions of the catalog may not impact the student, with the following exceptions:

  • Changes as required by the academic department to include prerequisites, but not limited to changes in prerequisites.
  • If a student changes his or her academic program during the course of study, he or she must remain in the same catalog year if there has been no break of five years or more.
  • Should a student's enrollment at CSM be interrupted by a break of five years or more, the catalog in effect when the student re-enters the college will be considered the year-of-entry catalog.

For more information, contact an Academic Advisor.