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One of a community's finest assets is its wide array of nonprofit organizations joined in a common purpose: to help improve the quality of life for residents.

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About the Nonprofit Institute

The Nonprofit Institute is set up to encourage the healthy growth and development of the regionís extensive nonprofit sector. It seeks to enhance their effectiveness through assistance in the form of information, training, networking, and consultation services helpful to board members, staff, and volunteers. The Instituteís plans and programs are helped through the contributions of its county-based Advisory Councils and working committees.

Role of the Nonprofit Institute

The Nonprofit Institute exists for the sole purpose of helping nonprofit organizations,serving the community, grow stronger. Major goals:

  • Determine the size, scope, and diversity of the nonprofit sector to gain a reliable picture of the nature and range of its needs and interests.
  • Provide a variety of seminars, workshops, training programs, and conferences for board members, staff, and volunteers.
  • Work directly with specific organizations in areas of organizational governance, fundraising, marketing, and management.
  • Serve as a clearinghouse of information specific to nonprofit concerns, ranging from the boardís role and legal requirements to organizational assessment, leadership development, policy development, fundraising, fiscal management, communications, employment, and volunteer use.
  • Identify professional resources in the community that are able to provide pro bono or reduced-cost assistance.
  • Promote greater public understanding of the community benefits provided by the nonprofit sector.
  • Maintain an up-to-date snapshot of the nonprofit community.

A Vibrant Local Community

One of a community's finest assets is its wide array of nonprofit organizations joined in a common purpose: to help improve the quality of life for residents.

Nonprofit organizations do this in myriad ways, depending on their chosen missions. Some address the needs of children, others of senior citizens. Some focus on broad issues pertaining to health, housing, or job training, while others tackle specialized problems such as illiteracy or animal rescue. Still others enhance the role of arts in the community, protect the natural environment, safeguard historic legacy, provide educational services, or promote sports and recreation. It is a rich mix, and it is hard to imagine a community without it.

In today's world, operating a nonprofit organization can be a daunting challenge. Nonprofit leaders have to keep up with arapidly changing environment marked not only by technological change but also by greater regulation and increased competition. Often, they have to figure out how to stretch limited financial and human resources to meet growing needs. Throughout the nonprofit sector, sustainability over the long haul is an understandable concern.

Whatever its challenges, the nonprofit sector not only enhances quality of life for the region but also contributes important to its economic health. In southern Maryland, nonprofits provide jobs for over 6,000 people. Throughout the region, charitable income received by these organizations area is routinely plowed back into the community for the community's benefit.

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