Summer Scholars Program

Summer Scholars Program

Save the Date: July 10-27, 2017

This summer, take an in-depth look at an area of interest while earning college credit. Designed for rising junior and senior high school students, the CSM Summer Scholars Program is an opportunity for outstanding high school students to take a three-credit college course that blends traditional on-campus classes with extended learning activities that will prepare you for college success.

Admission is competitive and contingent upon space availability. Applications received after June 2 will not be considered.

To apply for the CSM Summer Scholars Program, each student must:

  • submit a CSM college application online
  • complete the CSM Summer Scholars Application:
    Download the Summer Scholars Application
  • be a rising high school junior or senior
  • have an academic average of 3.0 or higher
  • submit his/her high school transcript
  • submit a letter of recommendation from a high school teacher (The letter of recommendation should be from a teacher who can speak about the student’s skills and abilities and how he/she is academically prepared for the specific Summer Academy that he/she is interested in attending)

Notification Process:

  • Each student who is accepted to the program is notified via e-mail approximately 10 days after his/her file is complete. Each file is complete when the application, transcript, and letter of recommendation have been received. Files are reviewed and admission is made on a first-come, first-served basis.

What to know about the CSM Summer Scholars Program:

  • The CSM Summer Scholars Program is an academic program which runs from Monday, July 10, 2017 to Thursday, July 27, 2017. Students apply and are registered for one three-credit college course for which a grade and credit will be earned. No pass-fail or audit option is available. The grade posts to the College of Southern Maryland transcript and is part of the student record.
  • The CSM Summer Scholars Program will take place on the La Plata Campus; the campus has a dining facility where meals can be purchased, and students are responsible for their own lunch.
  • Students must attend the program in its entirety, which runs 9 a.m. - 4 p.m. daily. Students are not permitted to miss any class time, including arriving late and/or leaving early. Anyone who has an obligation such as employment, club sport, travel, or similar commitment should consider whether this will interfere with program requirements.

Academy Descriptions:

Robotics Academy

Students learn the basic principles of robotics, including drives, actuators, sensors, control systems, human-machine interface, programming, and autonomy.  A hands-on approach is used to introduce basic concepts, focusing on the construction and programming of remotely controlled and autonomous robots.  Students build and test increasingly complex robots, culminating in an end-of-semester robot project.

Cybersecurity Academy

Covers the fundamentals of operational security, network security, managing a public key infrastructure (PKI), authentication, access control, external attack, and cryptography. Students learn about the security procedures to protect data in computer environments, the different network attack scenarios, the many tools and procedures used by organizations to protect their resources, and the ethical issues raised by computer security in the business world.

American Music Academy

Students address the question: What makes American music sound American? They study musical elements (tone quality, harmony, rhythm, melody, and improvisation), historical content, psycho-social factors, political forces, spiritual uses, and economic dimensions.

Scholars Program Extras:

Students will attend class, participate in off-campus educational experiences, and work on projects. Students will also participate in college readiness workshops, enjoy access to the CSM fitness center and pool, and interact with other talented high school students from the area.