The Business, Technology, and Public Service Division of the College of Southern Maryland is a member of the Microsoft Developer Network. As a student in this division, you will have access to many free Microsoft software products.

How can you get the software?

You have to currently be enrolled in at least one for-credit course within the Business Technology and Public Service Division . This includes courses in the area of ITS, CNT, and OFT. Students enrolled in credit-free courses are not eligible to receive software from this program.


Click here to login

To log in, go to the link and click the blue "Sign In" button which in the image below has a red circle around it.

Azure screen

That will open the Microsoft Sign In window as shown below:

Microsoft Sign In Screen

The image above shows a student e-mail address.

Faculty and staff will enter their CSM Office 365 username which is different than a student because their username does not include mymail.

Enter your CSM Office 365 e-mail address and Click the blue "Next" button.

That takes you to the CSM o365 web login page.

O365 screenshot

Please enter your password and click the "Sign in" button.

The "Stay signed in?" window appears.

Stay signed in screenshot

Please click the either the yes or no button.

The Microsoft Azure Web page appears as shown below.

Azure screenshot

There is more useful information in this OneNote Notebook.

Please contact your instructor if you have any questions about the program.