Meet Our Faculty and Staff

Meet our Faculty and staff

Meet the dedicated and passionate instructors and support staff members of the College of Southern Maryland. If you are a faculty member or support staff member, and would like to submit a profile, please fill out the Faculty Profile Information Form. If you have any questions, please reach out to us at  



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Jan Adair

Adjunct Instructor, Theater

Michael Adams

Director, Transportation Training

Megan Allen

Adjunct Instructor, Business Department

Dr. Seth Bacon

Associate Professor of Sociology

Rachael Bateman

Associate Professor, School of Science and Health

Richard Bilsker

Professor of Philosophy; Coordinator, Humanities and Political Science; Director, Honors Curriculum

Michelle Brosco Christian

Professor, School of Liberal Arts

Beth Caruso

Assistant Professor of English, School of Liberal Arts

Kim Donnelly

Professor; Coordinator, Integrated Reading/Writing

Brandie Edelen

Adjunct Psychology Instructor

Ben Fan

Adjunct Instructor, Philosophy

Dr. Linda Forrest

Teacher Education Instructor; Early College Coordinator

Tiffany Gill

Medical Laboratory Technology (MLT) Program Coordinator

Troy Gillissen

Adjunct Instructor, Information Technology

Lisa Gonzalez

Assistant Professor, School of Science and Health

Linda Goodman

Professor, School of Science and Health

Kenneth Green

Instructor, Electrical 

Yikui 'Coy' Gu

Professor of Art, School of Liberal Arts

Caitlyn Hunter

Assistant Professor, School of Liberal Arts

Gary Jameson

Adjunct Instructor, Art

Krista Keyes

Professor of English and Curriculum Coordinator, School of Liberal Arts

Barbara Link

Professor, School of Liberal Arts

Dr. Buddhadeb Mallik 

Asst. Professor, Science and Engineering Dept.

Judith Moore

Instructor, Mathematics

Dr. Melanie Osterhouse

Professor, School of Science and Health

Dr. Philip Ravita

Adjunct Instructor, Music

Brian Read

Adjunct Instructor of Engineering

Brian Reip

Adjunct Instructor, Psychology

Chris Ripley

Assistant Professor of Business

Dr. Randall Salm

Assoc. Professor, Social Sciences Dept.

Dr. David Schug

Adjunct Instructor, Mathematics

Tony Stout

Chair, Business Department

Michael Suwak

Professor, School of Liberal Arts, English Dept.

Brian Warnecke

Asst. Professor,  Math and Engineering Dept.

Mike Whelan

Coordinator, Driver Education

Cliff Hartsfield

Instructor, Welding and Construction Trades

Tamara Gibbs-Franklin

Associate Professor, English, Communication, and Language

Nick Allgauer

Adjunct Business Instructor

Michael Coffey

Assistant Professor, History and Political Science

Sharon Baker

Associate Professor, Pharmacy and Medical Assisting; Program Coordinator, Allied Healthcare

Dr. Kandace Foreman

Assistant Business Professor

Dustin Musser

Adjunct Instructor, Accounting

William "Ed" Moroney

Adjunct Professor, Criminal Justice and Homeland Security

Jake Herlihy

Assistant Professor, Economics

Dr. Mary Beth Klinger

Professor of Business, School of Professional and Technical Studies

Tasha Zochert

Nursing Clinical Adjunct Instructor

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