Meet Our Faculty: Dr. Mary Beth Klinger

Meet Dr. Mary Beth Klinger 

Professional headshot of CSM business instructor Mary Beth Klinger

Professor of Business, School of Professional and Technical Studies 

Faculty member since 1998

Courses Taught

  • BAD-1015 Introduction to Business
  • BAD-1210 Principles of Management
  • BAD-1335 Business Communications
  • BAD-1520 Starting and Operating a Small Business
  • BAD-1550 International Business
  • BAD-2130 Social Entrepreneurship
  • BAD-2140 Introduction to Business Strategy
  • BAD-2610 Principles of Marketing
  • BAD-2630 Social Media Marketing Strategy
  • BAD-2710 Human Relations and Leadership
  • BAD-2910 Cooperative Education: Business



I teach business-related courses in CSM's School of Professional and Technical Studies, and I am  passionate about utilizing constructive teaching methodologies to transform the learning process. My favorite topics revolve around innovation, creativity, and the ability to see the world differently to conceptualize new solutions and opportunities. My research focuses on organizational innovation and change, as well as community and connectedness.

An eternal optimist, I believe in the enduring spirit of humankind to solve some of the planet's most pressing issues and make the world a better place.


Educational Background 

  • Doctor of Philosophy in E-Business, Capella University

  • Master of Business Administration,  San Francisco State University

  • Master of International Management, Thunderbird School of Global Management

  • Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Bachelor of Arts in Economics, Hood College


My goal as an educator is to engage students by providing meaningful learning experiences that can be transferred into the business world. Students have a variety of learning styles, so I use strategies and methods of instruction that encourage them to become involved with the content through classroom discussions, simulations, and participation in the community. I provide applied and active learning opportunities to foster critical thinking skills and promote analysis and inquiry.

I am an advocate for higher education and try to convey the opportunities that it can provide to every student. As an experienced educator, I recognize that education opens doors and offers possibilities. In addition, I appreciate that business is global, and an international perspective is incorporated into every course I teach. Students are exposed to different business practices, diverse cultural opportunities, and language nuances throughout the international landscape. This is both exciting and challenging. I ensure that students develop a global mindset focused on lifelong learning. I strive to have students embrace differences and look towards challenges so that they can recognize opportunities and be creative and fulfilled in their life endeavors.

  • Improving Belonging and Connectedness in the Cybersecurity Workforce: From College to the Profession; Journal of Cybersecurity Education, Research & Practice, 2024
  • The New Normal in Education: Teaching, Learning, and Leading, 2023
  • The Importance of Community and Connectedness in Cybersecurity;  Innovations in Cybersecurity Education, 2021
  • Transforming the Classroom Experience Through Transhumanism: Education as the Learning Organization; Handbook of Research on Learning in the Age of Transhumanism, 2019
  • Mobile Technologies For Making Meaning in Education: Using Augmented Reality to Connect Learning; Mobile Technologies in Educational Organizations, 2019

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