Board of Trustees

The governing body of the college is appointed by the Governor from citizenry of Calvert, Charles, and St. Mary’s counties. The board consists of nine members, each given a five-year term of office.

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2020-2021 Officers

Jay Webster headshot

Academic and Student Affairs Committee; Vice Chair 2019-2020

Shawn Coates headshot

Human Resources and Benefits Committee Chair; CSM Foundation Board Liaison

CSM President Dr. Maureen Murphy headshot

2017 - present
CSM President


Kenneth Abell headshot

Academic and Student Affairs Committee

Sonja Cox headshot

Audit Committee Chair

Jose Gonzalez headshot

Audit Committee; Nominating and Distinguished Awards Committee Chair

samuel jones

Human Resources and Benefits Committee

Christy Lombardi headshot

Audit Committee

Cordelia Postell headshot

Academic and Student Affairs Committee Chair; Nominating and Distinguished Awards Committee

john roache

John W. Roache, MD

Human Resources and Benefits Committee; Nominating and Distinguished Awards Committee

*Completed remainder of another trustee’s term before being appointed for their own five-year term.
**Appointed by Governor Hogan to the board in 2016 to complete a term that began in 2015; Temporarily

Board Staff

Larisa Pfeiffer Headshot

Chief of Staff




Sonja Cox, Audit Committee, 2014-2019

Stacey Cooke, Human Resources and Benefits Committee, 2014-present

Daryl Motley, Audit Committee, 2019-Present

Trustee Emeriti

Louis P. Jenkins (1999)
John T. Parran, Jr.  (1999)
Henry L. Burke (1999)
Veronica E. Coates (1999)
William Daniel Mayer (1999)
Michael A. Besche (2000)
Dianne McWilliams (2000)
Verna M. Posey (2002)

Delores C. Datcher (2004)
Joseph F. Shannon, Jr (2010)
Mary M. Krug (2016)
James K. Raley, Jr. (2016)
Charles R. Bailey (2016)
Michael L. Middleton (2016)
Dorothea H. Smith (2018)
Theodore L. Harwood, II (2020)

President's Cabinet

Dr. Maureen Murphy thumbnail

Dr. Maureen Murphy

Bill Comey headshot

Dr. Bill L. Comey
Vice President of Operations and Planning (OPP)

Responsible for: All college-wide planning and research functions, all functions necessary for daily campus operations (technology, public safety, scheduling, and facilities)

Dr. Tracy Harris headshot

Dr. Tracy A. Harris
Vice President of Student Equity and Success (SES)

Responsible for: Recruitment, admissions, registration, financial assistance, advising and counseling, special population services, student life, and athletics

Rick Johnson
Interim Vice President of Financial Services (DFS)

Responsible for: All college financial functions, plus auxiliary and public services

rodney redmond

Dr. Rodney Redmond

Provost and Vice President for the Division of Learning (DOL)

Craig patenaude

Craig W. Patenaude, Esq.
General Counsel and Vice President of Human Resources and Organizational Development (HRO)

Responsible for: Legal affairs, human resources, diversity and inclusion

Ellen Flowers-Fields

Ellen Flowers-Fields
Associate Vice President of Continuing Education and Workforce Development (CWD)

Responsible for: All non-credit continuing education programs, Workforce Development, Community Education, Maryland Center for Environmental Training, Small Business Development Center, WorkForce Center, and the Nonprofit Institute

Avis McMillon headshot

Avis McMillon
Associate Vice President of Marketing, Admissions, and Recruitment (MAR)

Responsible for: Media relations, creative services, web services, marketing and communications, admissions, recruitment

Larisa Pfeiffer

Larisa Pfeiffer
Chief of Staff

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