Real Students, Real Stories

Almost 30,000 students have been awarded degrees or certificates at CSM since our founding in 1958, and thousands more have attended, from driver education to workforce training. Each one has their own unique story to tell: the connections they formed, the opportunities they found, and the successes they achieved.

Hear the stories of our students and alumni in their own words.

Thousands of students. Thousands of stories. What will your story be?

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young woman Alicia webb

Alicia Webb

Current Student

white professional female

ALisa Casas

CSM Class of 2013; Communications Director, St. Mary’s County Government

young african american female asha gaines

Asha Gaines

CSM Class of 2022, Mechanical Engineering

young african american male andre curry

Andre Curry

Current Student, Accounting

young male with a camera

Bryan Gomez

Current Student, Digital Media Production

african american female

Anita Horace

CSM Class of 2022

CSM alum Beverly Braswell

Beverly Braswell

CSM Class of 2022, Mechanical Engineering

young african american male

Christian Carston

Current Student, Nursing

young white male

Collin Felix

Current Student, Homeland Security

young african american male

Cornelius Hightower III

CSM Class of 2021, Mechanical Engineering

young african american female

Destini Baldwin

CSM Class of 2014; CSM Program Coordinator

diane reid

Diane Reid

Former Student, Small Engine Repair

no photo

Donte’ Robinson

Current Student, Digital Media Production

young african american female

Glory Sebulime

CSM Class of 2022, Engineering

young female

Jaelene Amaya

Current Student

CSM student Jaryn Griggs outdoors among trees

Jaryn Griggs

Current Student, Social Science

white male

Jason Szklany

CSM Class of 2021, Electrical Engineering

young hispanic male

Jay Acevedo

CSM Class of 2022

middle-aged black female smiling

Jeannine Dewitt

Current Student, Business Administration

young african american female

Joan Popoola

CSM Class of 2021, Mechanical Engineering

young african american male

John Jones

CSM Class of 2013, Mathematics and Sciences

young african american female in lab coat and safety glasses

Kayla Carlyle

Current Student, Medical Laboratory Technology (MLT)

young african american female in graduation cap and gown

Kia Smith

CSM Class of 2022, Nursing

young african american male as a child and as a high school graduate in cap and gown

Lamarr Patterson

Current Student, Construction Management

young african american female nurse

Lauren Parker

CSM Class of 2020, Nursing and Pre-Professional Health Sciences

CSM professor and alum Lynn Williams in graduation regalia

Lynn Williams

CSM Class of 2014, Human Services; CSM psychology professor and clinical placement coordinator

no photo

Megan Lowmiller

CSM Class of 2017, Nursing

CSM student Micolina Croson, smiling in a restaurant

Micolina Croson

Current Student, Homeland Security

young asian female

Rhey Mesowski

Current Student, Mathematics and Sciences; CSM Class of 2022, Accounting

no photo

Riley Minner

Current Student, Teacher Education; 2+2 Program with Towson

Ryan Runyon

Ryan Runyon

CSM Class of 2016, Digital Media Production; Video Production Manager, dbF Media

african american professional female

Thomasina Coates

CSM Class of 1987; Charles County Commissioner, District 2

white professional female

Toni Kruszka

CSM Class of 2011; Manager, Donor Relations and Special Events at CSM

young african american male

Travil Greene

Former CSM Student; Transfer Student to NC A&T; Men of Excellence Program

african american male sheriff

Troy D. Berry

CSM Class of 1991; Sheriff, Charles County

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