Real Story: Megan Lowmiller

Megan Lowmiller

I grew up in Southern Maryland, and I wanted to stay local. I love this area, and despite being accepted into Towson University, I wasn’t really looking to go anywhere.  

I loved that CSM is so conveniently located, which really made my life easier, and I enjoyed being able to do a mixture of courses with labs, lectures, and online learning. 

I graduated from CSM in May 2017 with my associate degree in nursing, then immediately transferred to the University of Maryland for my bachelor’s. I graduated from University of Maryland and then jumped right into my paramedic program. I’m finishing that up now, and I’m still figuring out where to go next. I have never not been in school, so the break might be nice! 

When I became an EMT in 2013, I just fell in love with the emergency side of the medical field. I am currently an RN working in the emergency department of a small community hospital.  

I am still on the go all the time and I truthfully have no clue what is next for me. I know I am going to continue working in the ER, and we shall see where life takes me next. I have been considering coming back to CSM as a professor to train nursing students. I love teaching, and CSM has taught me that I can put myself in different situations and continue to succeed. 

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Last updated: 6-29-22

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