Real Story: Kayla Carlyle

Real Story: Kayla Carlyle

kayla-carlyle.jpgClass of 2022, Medical Laboratory Technology (MLT)

I am a bit of an explorer in my pursuit of happiness, success, and education, and I’ve discovered the meaning and importance of being passionate about what you do: I’m a volunteer EMT, I work as a veterinary technician, and I’m preparing for a career in clinical laboratory science with CSM’s Medical Laboratory Technology (MLT) program under Professor Tiffany Gill.  

I have been fortunate to be able to take what I’ve learned in the classroom and apply it in my work. Since I have a foot in both worlds, human medicine and veterinary medicine, I’ve been inspired to use what I’ve learned about blood banking and transfusion to help to start an animal blood blank to bring safer blood transfusions to pets.  

I am also currently working on a book—a sort of microbiological science fiction. What I want is to create a book that's fun to read and that will encourage people to explore the field of clinical pathology, regardless of whether they have a background in science. 

Without my program and CSM, I don’t think I would ever have discovered my passion for laboratory science. I’ve decided to transfer to George Washington University to earn my bachelor’s after I complete my associate degree, as the next step to attending medical school to become a pathologist. 

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Last updated: 8-11-22

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