Real Story: Riley Minner

Riley Minner

CSM Class of 2023, Elementary Education 

2+2 Program with Towson University

I grew up on the Eastern Shore with almost everyone in my family being a teacher or working in the school system.  

My life has always been surrounded by amazing teachers, and I want to give children the same opportunity I had. Education is my passion; teachers are the backbone to society.  

My experience has been great here. At first, I was having trouble trying to figure out my major, but I got so much help from the staff and Christina Thompson and decided to change my major to primary education. And with the 2+2 program, I can complete both my associate and bachelor’s degree in primary education at CSM while also being a Towson student, too. 

Getting my degree is important to me, but working is, too. I came to College of southern Maryland so that I can work while being a full-time student. It’s very tricky being a full-time student and working two jobs, but I am determined to succeed and reach my goals. CSM is a great opportunity to get your education without struggling with student loans and debt.  

After I graduate, I plan on continuing to work with kids and getting a teaching job with the Calvert County public school system.

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Last updated: 1-6-23

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