Real Story: Dennis Allen Sr.

Dennis Allen Sr.

Current Student, Human ServicesA photo of CSM student Dennis Allen dressed in a suit and tie

Current Job Title: Behavioral health technician

My name is Dennis Allen Sr., and I’m a 48-year-old African American Navy veteran and current student at the College of Southern Maryland. I am a Desert Storm and Gulf War veteran. I am a native of St. Mary’s county and graduated from Great Mills High School, class of 1992.

My life’s calling is being a substance use disorder counselor. I am a recovering alcoholic—four years sober as of April 2023—and my recovery brought me to the College of Southern Maryland.

My experience here at the College of Southern Maryland has been great thus far. The professors have been very patient and understanding with me. I deal with quite a few health issues that sometimes hinder me from being the best version of Dennis that I can be: cirrhosis of the liver, pancreatitis, and Type 2 diabetes. I had been on the liver transplant list for four years. Because I am such an overcomer, in 2023, I was removed from the list because the doctors could no longer find any mass.

I see great things in my future. I am currently working in the rehabilitation field as a behavioral health technician. My motto is, if I can help just one person a day, my job is complete.

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Last updated: 4-24-23

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