Real Story: Travil Greene

Travil Greene

greene,-travil-pic.jpgCSM Alum

Current Institution: North Carolina A&T State University
I am a stand-up, stand-out kinda guy, and I try to always approach everybody with respect.

I don’t mind being myself. That’s something I’ve learned over the years: I actually enjoy being myself, rather than being someone I’m not. And it taught me something else, that when you don’t work so hard to be like everybody else, you actually stand out more. 

I love learning and educating myself, and I love conversations that teach me new things. As a kid, growing up, I was curious, always asking questions. Being in college is fun to me—maybe not everything that comes with it!—but I love doing it. 

At CSM, my experiences were great, especially my first year. I loved it. It was a great education, and it all felt very university-esque: the classes I was taking, the faculty and staff, the campus and the buildings. 

I joined the Men of Excellence and was part of a great group of guys. It was a really supportive environment, like a family, and we looked out for each other. Mr. Fenner was a great mentor, and I could always tell that he really was invested in seeing us succeed, by all the questions he asked, how he checked in on me, and the way he’d make sure we always had everything in order so we could move onto whatever’s next. 

I’ve moved on to North Carolina A&T State University to study sports medicine and kinesiology, and I wouldn't have been able to do it without CSM.  

I’m very sports oriented. I love basketball, I love playing it and everything about it, and I want to turn it into a career, as a trainer or something of that nature, at the professional or college level. 

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Last updated: 6-29-22

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