Meet Our Faculty: Brandie Edelen

Meet Brandie EdelenA selfie of CSM instructor Brandie Edelen

Adjunct Psychology Instructor, School of Liberal Arts

Faculty member since 2018

Courses Taught

  • PSY-1010 General Psychology

  • PSY-2310 Introduction to Abnormal Psychology

  • PSY-2050 Human Development Through the Lifespan

  • SOC-1010 Introduction to Sociology


I began my college student experience at CSM over 30 years ago. I remember sitting in the back of one of my classes and thinking that one day I would teach here. I continued taking classes, while marrying and growing a family, but I never lost sight of the dream to become a public-school teacher and college professor. I also own and operate a thriving wedding decor rental company in St. Mary's County.

Educational Background 

I have a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and a Master of Science in Human Services, and I have begun working on my Ph.D. in psychology.


I have developed my style of teaching in a manner that engages my students and best helps them to learn, while also considering the diverse group of students in my classroom. This includes a combination of a lecture-based style, a student-centered teaching style, democratic teaching, progressive teaching, a collaborative style of teaching, but most importantly, engaging.

My family and I are missionaries to the Dominican Republic.

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Last updated: 8-14-23

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