Meet Our Faculty: Michelle Brosco Christian

michelle brosco christian Meet Michelle Brosco Christian 

Professor, School of Liberal Arts

Faculty member since 1989

Courses Taught

  • COM-1010 Basic Principles of Speech Communication 
  • COM-1020 Introduction to Mass Communication 
  • COM-1250 Introduction to Interpersonal Communication 
  • COM-1350 Intercultural Communication 
  • COM-2300 Introduction to Media Writing 


I'm a long-time Charles County resident who spent my first 12 years in Southern California, learning to be addicted to the best beaches and Mexican food in the country! I'm a lover of learning and exercise, and I am constantly reading and working out by either doing water aerobics in my swim spa or walking local trails. I need more weight lifting in my life, however! I'm also a huge music lover and my musical tastes range from folk rock from the '60s and '70s, to today's popular artists such as Post Malone, Miley, Cyrus and 070 Shake.  

Educational Background 

I am a CSM alum, myself—I earned an associate degree in general studies in 1987. I transferred to University of Maryland, College Park's (UMD) College of Journalism program, where I earned my bachelor’s. Later, I earned a master’s degree from UMD specializing in public relations. 


What would former students say about me? Hmmmm, I hope they would recognize that I care deeply about what they learn and that they learn in a fun and unique way. I believe that learning can and should be fun and I strive to create methods and assignments that make my students want to know more about my subject area. If I couldn't do it, I wouldn't ask my students to do it!

I have many discipline-related interests and passions, but students will likely get some extra in-depth knowledge about gender and communication and death/dying and communication. These two areas have always interested me and because I think they impact all of us, I work hard to share knowledge that will help you both now and in your future.

As a former student at CSM, I took COM-1010 and COM-1250 so I can definitely say these classes were valuable building blocks for my personal and professional life. I now teach these classes and I work hard to make these courses just as valuable as when I took them in the 1980s! We communicate every single day, so knowledge about the discipline of communication can be taken out of the classroom and used immediately in your day-to-day life. It doesn't get more real than that!

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Last updated: 10-27-22

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