Meet Our Faculty: Dr. Melanie Osterhouse

Meet Dr. Melanie Osterhouse A professional portrait of CSM professor Melanie Osterhouse

Professor, School of Science and Health

Faculty member since 2004

Courses Taught

  • Anatomy and Physiology

  • Microbiology

  • General science

  • Nutrition


I grew up in Charles County and graduated from La Plata High School. After finishing all my schooling and teaching in St. Louis, Mo., I returned home in 2004 and have been with CSM ever since. I now live three miles from the Prince Frederick Campus and have been teaching at that campus ever since it opened in 2005.

Educational Background 

  • Bachelor of Science in Biology, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

  • Bachelor of Science in Human Biology, National University of Health Sciences

  • Doctor of Chiropractic, National University of Health Sciences

  • Diplomate, American Chiropractic Board of Radiology, Logan University


I have been working with the S-STEM scholars for eight years, and I worked with the Presidential Scholars for two years. I love building these connections with individual students and working with them through their entire CSM journey, so that they are prepared for transfer and career opportunities.

I am grateful that my peers recognized me with the Faculty Excellence Award in 2019.

I have been a Meals on Wheels driver in Prince Frederick since 2010. I also volunteer at Battle Creek Cypress Swamp as an animal caretaker. I've been a co-Leader for the Girl Scouts of America since 2011.

Being in the community, we know the community and the community’s needs. We are well networked for students to get internships. We have partnerships with organizations like Farming4Hunger to meet the physical needs of students. We also have small class sizes to help know our individual students and meet their individual needs.

I'm always available. I respond quickly to student questions and make myself available to meet with students whenever they need. I check and respond to email daily and at all hours. I'm here to help.

 Notable Conferences or Publications

  • Osterhouse MD, Kettner NW, Boesch R. Congestive Heart Failure – a case from a chiropractic teaching clinic. 2005 Jun 28 (5):356-64. PubMed

  • Osterhouse MD, Guebert GM. Bilateral acrometastasis secondary to breast cancer. Journal of Manipulative Physiological Therapeutics. 2004 May 27(4):275-9. PubMed

  • Yochum TR, Rowe LJ. Essentials of Skeletal Radiology. Ed 3. Baltimore, Williams and Wilkins– Contributing author

  • Osterhouse MD, Kettner NW. Neuropathic osteoarthropathy in the diabetic foot: a case report. Journal of Manipulative Physiological Therapeutics. 2002 July/Aug;25(6):416-422. PubMed

  • Osterhouse MD, Kettner NW. Delayed post-traumatic vertebral collapse with intervertebral cleft. Journal of Manipulative Physiological Therapeutics. 2002 May; 25(4):270-5. PubMed

  • Osterhouse MD, Tepe R, Kettner NW, McVey MJ. Reliability study of the Penning method for cervical intersegmental motion assessment. Journal of the Neuromusculoskeletal System. 2002 Summer; 20(2):52-58.

  • Osterhouse MD, Kettner NW, Birrer PT, Mankamyer K. Ganglioneuroma Masquerading as spinal pain: a case report. Journal of Manipulative Physiological Therapeutics. 2002 Mar-Apr;25(3):184-7. PubMed

  • Osterhouse MD, Kettner NW. Pulmonary manifestations of sarcoidosis – a case report. Topics in Diagnostic Radiology and Advanced Imaging. Winter 2001; 28-30.

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