Third-Party or Employer-Paid Registration

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We offer a tuition assistance program for employers of CSM students. The specific terms of the agreement will be at the discretion of the employer.


Requirements to bill employer:

For every course/term/session authorized by the employer, the sponsor or student is required to email paperwork to with the following information:

  1. Company name, billing address, phone number, email address, and specific point of contact of payer.
  2. Purchase order, memo/letter or agreement on employer letterhead, authorization form, requisition, or other mandated paperwork required to complete billing. This paperwork must include:
    • Student name
    • Student address
    • Student ID number
    • The specific classes and term/session covered
    • The authorized amount to bill the employer. These charges may include tuition, combined fees, course fees, electronic book fees, bookstore books, and/or supplies.

 Additional information:

  • Upon receipt of employer payment authorization paperwork, protection will be placed on the student’s account to avoid de-registration for non-payment. Please contact Student Account Services to discuss if employer authorizations can be submitted after the CSM payment-in-full due date.
  • If books and supplies are included in the payment authorization, the student should verify the information has been received and credited by calling Student Account Services. The student can purchase books and or supplies by taking their CSM student ID card directly to the La Plata, Leonardtown, or Prince Frederick bookstore location. Bookstore charges will be directly applied to the student account at the time of the bookstore purchase. For more information on CSM student ID cards, please go to:
  • After the course add/drop period, invoices will be processed and the employer point of contact will be invoiced. If books and/or supplies are authorized, invoices will be processed and sent to the employer point of contact after the books and/or supplies authorization has expired.
  • The student is ultimately responsible for tuition, fees, book charges not authorized or not paid by employer. The employer may opt not to authorize/pay for late authorization requests, dropped courses, incomplete/unsatisfactory grades, employment termination, and other circumstances.
  • Following CSM’s tuition assistance program protocol ensures 1098-T tax forms for students are correct and accurate.
  • Employer authorizations, instead of up front or pre-invoiced employer payments are preferred to ensure employers are billed for the final tuition/fee and book/supply costs. The student is responsible for charges not paid by their employer if employer payments are submitted without an employer authorization.
  • If you are a Continuing Education student, please submit the completed registration form with your tuition assistance request.

Note: The student is responsible for any charges not covered by third-party assistance. For more information, contact us at 301-934-7717 or

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