ATB Nursing Pathway with Stevenson University Online

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  • For more information contact:

    Mona Weber
    ATB/Dual Admissions Coordinator
    rvweber@csmd.edu 301-934-7638

Frequently Asked Questions for the ATB Nursing Pathway with Stevenson University Online

  1. How do I get started?  Contact Mona Weber, ATB/Dual Admissions BSN Coordinator, 301-934-7638, rvweber@csmd.edu to discuss the program plan. Current Registered nurses apply to the College of Southern Maryland at csmd.edu/apply-register and at the same time apply to the Stevenson University Online at applysuo.stevenson.edu
  2. What are the application the deadlines?  For ATB 1.0 (first semester starts), applicants must submit all required materials by June 15 for enrollment in the following fall semester and no later than November 15 for the  spring semester. For anyone applying to start the ATB program after their first semester of CSM’s nursing program, the application deadlines are published here: stevenson.edu/online/about-us/important-dates/
  3. I took courses years ago at a different college. Do any of these courses expire for this Dual Admission program? No, prior coursework do not expire (this excludes IT courses).
  4. How many nursing courses are in the program? There are nine nursing courses with one course having a clinical component. There is one Adult Learning Theory and Practice course taught by Stevenson that is required as well.
  5. What are some of the prerequisite courses? General chemistry (lab is not required) (3); A&P I and II w/ lab (4 each); Microbiology w/ lab (4); Human Growth & Development(3); Statistics(3); Nutrition(3); English I (3 each); Intro to Psychology(3); Intro to Sociology(3); Ethics (3)
  6. In which semester of my CSM nursing program am I eligible to begin the application process? As soon as you have been admitted to the CSM nursing program.
  7. I am a CSM student, but not in the nursing program yet. Can I apply to the Dual Admission program? You must be admitted to the nursing program at CSM. However, you can still meet with Mona Weber, ATB/Dual Admissions BSN Coordinator, 301-934-7638, rvweber@csmd.edu to discuss a program plan and complete pre-requisite courses.
  8. How are the nursing courses taught? All of the nursing courses are online. In addition students can complete other course requirements either face to face or completely online at CSM.
  9. How and when will I know if my application has been accepted and approved for enrollment as a special student? Once your application is complete you will be notified of your admissions decision within 1-2 weeks. A completed application includes an online application, all transcripts from any institution that you have attended to be sent to Stevenson, a personal statement, and a letter of recommendation form.
  10. If I have questions about ATB, who do I contact? Contact Mona Weber, ATB/Dual Admissions BSN Coordinator, 301-934-7638, rvweber@csmd.edu. Questions regarding the application contact Kristin Richards, Stevenson’s ATB/Cohort Coordinator, 443-825-4769, karichards@stevenson.edu
  11. Why are hospitals encouraging nursing staff to obtain their BSN?  The Institute of Medicine’s report on the future of nursing states that nurses should achieve a higher level of education and training through an improved education system that promotes a seamless academic progression. The IOMs recommendation is to increase the proportion of Registered Nurses with a BSN from 50% to 80% by the year 2020.
  12. How long does the ATB program take in order to obtain my BSN? This will vary for every student and will depend on the number and nature of prerequisite courses needed, how many courses individuals will be able to take each semester and the schedule of course offerings.