Social Sciences and Public Services

Early Childhood Education student teaches elementary school

The Division of Social Sciences and Public Services helps you combine sound critical-thinking and communication skills with an appreciation for cultural diversity and service to others. Programs of study include Criminal Justice, Early Childhood Development, Homeland Security, Human Services, Teacher Education, and more.

The Division of Social Sciences and Public Services seeks to empower students in their personal, academic, and professional lives by expanding their knowledge of the social and behavioral sciences and enhancing their skills in using that knowledge. The divisional mission essentially addresses three needs by providing:

  • Service to all academic divisions in the form of general education knowledge and skills,
  • High-quality content specialization aimed at transfer preparation, and
  • Specialized course content  required for certification or licensing in professional fields relevant to the Division’s area of responsibility. 

The division offers college-level and continuing education courses, stressing competency in communication skills and critical thinking, appreciation for cultural diversity and knowledge of social sciences and human services.

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For more information: 

Division Chair:  
 Patrick Allen                 301-934-7862                PatrickA@csmd.edu
 Administrative Assistant for Social Sciences and Public Services:
 Janet Thompson            301-934-7755JanetT@csmd.edu
 Program Coordinator for Teacher Education:     
 Beth Settle                     301-934-7821Elizabeth.Settle@csmd.edu
Program Coordinator for Early Childhood Development/ Child Care: 
 Shaneeza Kazim 301-934-7512 skazim@csmd.edu
Program Coordinator for Wellness, Fitness, and Sports
 Eileen Richards 301-934-7558eileenr@csmd.edu
Program Coordinator for Homeland Security and Fire Science
 William "Ed" Moroney 301-934-7605wmoroney@csmd.edu