English and Math Sequences of Courses

English Sequence of Courses

Results from CSM reading and English placement tests determine a student's placement for college level writing.

Some students may need to take preparatory courses in reading and English before they are eligible for ENG 1010, the first semester college-level composition course at CSM.

The English pathway shows students the sequencing of our reading and English courses.

Students with the following placements will be eligible to take ENG 1010T:

Sentence Structure 75-89
Placement out of reading (79 or higher) or completion of IDS 1010T.

English 1010T covers the same topics as ENG 1010, but it also includes a grammar review. ENG 1010T allows students who meet the stated criteria to take college-level English without completing ENG 0900.  Students must meet with an academic advisor to register for ENG 1010T.

Math Sequence of Courses

CSM's Developmental Math sequence has changed.

Please view the math pathway for students who have not begun the math series at CSM. For students who began the math pathway with math courses no longer listed in the above pathway sequence, please contact Academic Advising for assistance, as the math pathway sequence has changed.

Results from CSM's Math Placement Test, can place students from Pre-College Math through MTH 1200 Calculus. We want you to be successful and this test will determine the correct math course to begin with at CSM.

Keep in mind the sequence of math courses will depend on your goals, program of study, and transfer plans. We encourage you to discuss your options and plan your math sequence with an Academic Advisor.