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La Plata Campus

Administration (AD) Building, Room 101
Phone: 301-934-7574

Leonardtown Campus

Building C, Room 105
Phone: 240-725-5320

Prince Frederick Campus

Building B, Room 205
Phone: 443-550-6026

Waldorf Center for Higher Education

Student Services Office,
Suite 1020
Phone: 301-632-2900

How to Register for Classes

1. Apply

  • New students may apply to the college and then set up a my.CSMD account. Learn more about navigating your my.CSMD account. You will need to complete an on-line orientation in your my.CSMD account to assist you with learning how to register or prepare you for your in-person advising visit.  

2. Choose a Program of Study

  • View our programs of study online! Learn a little about the program and see what courses are needed for that program. 

    You may view course descriptions with prerequisites, along with programs of study in our on-line catalog which may be viewed on CSM’s main web page. The schedule of classes is also available.

3. Meet course prerequisites:

  • Take placement tests at the Testing Center 
  • Show unofficial college transcript with  college-level English and Math  
  • Bring unofficial qualifying AP or SAT/ACT scores. See Steps to Enroll for prerequisite waiver information.
  • Placement test preparation information is available on the Testing Center website.

4. Self-Register or see Academic Advising

  • After you complete your application and take your placement tests, you may register for classes. If you cannot self-register, come to walk-in Academic Advising.

Common Registration Errors

You are not eligible for registration. Time for your program review. You must contact an advisor by web, phone or in-person.

You have reached a credit stop point during the registration process. The purpose of this hold is to confirm your course/degree selection and discuss your goals. You can contact an advisor by calling 301-934-7574.

Course and Section #-Course prerequisites have not been started. Please contact or call 301-934-7588.

You are attempting to register for a course that requires a prerequisite requirement that is not on your CSM record. If you have taken this prerequisite at CSM, contact the office information provided above. If you have taken this prerequisite at another institution, contact an Academic Advisor.

You are not eligible for registration. You have a restriction. Contact the Bursar's Office before registering.

You have a payment due to CSM. You will not be able to register for courses, receive your grades, or request a transcript until you satisfy your payment balance. You can contact the Bursar's Office at or call 301-934-7712.

You are not eligible for registration. You have a restriction. You must contact the AOD office before registration.

This is an Admissions Office hold.  You can contact Admissions at or call 301-934-2251 and select option 0.

This hold can also apply to students with an International Student status. International Students must maintain a full-time status and must meet with an Academic Advisor to register.

Course and Section #-is not available for registration at this time.

Check the term for which you are attempting to register for. This error appears when you attempt to register for a session that open registration has ended. You can contact the Registrar's Office at or call 301-934-7588.

Course and Section #-Course filled. Either add to waitlist or look for another available section.

You should continue to monitor course availability or join the waitlist. If you join a waitlist for a course and a seat becomes available, you will be notified by email and can also monitor in your Online Service account. You can contact the Registrar's Office at or call 301-934-7588.

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