Dual Enrollment Students

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Dual enrollment allows you to take classes at CSM for college credit, while satisfying your high school graduation requirements. Talk to your high school counselor about some classes at CSM that can help fulfill your high school graduation requirements. For more information, call 301-934-2251 or contact the Call Center.

You must complete an application, complete college level placement options and submit a signed form by the following dates: July 15 for the fall semester; December 15 for the spring semester; and May 15 for the summer semesters.

Dual Enrollment students receive a 50% discount off the tuition and will pay 100% of the combined fees when they register for a college class on campus or within their high school.

Want to Learn More About Dual Enrollment? Attend a Dual Enrollment Parent Night!

Learn about the opportunities to enroll in college classes on our campuses or receive college credit with our partnerships with the local school system for our In-School Dual Math and English classes.

The Dual Enrollment Program and the Career and Technology Education Program at the College of Southern Maryland gives high school juniors and seniors the opportunity to simultaneously earn college credit and possible credit toward a high school diploma. This opportunity represents considerable cost savings for a student's higher educational pursuits.

  • Charles County: November 17, 6-7:30 p.m. | RSVP Now
  • St. Mary's County: November 18, 6-7:30 p.m. | RSVP Now
  • Calvert County: November 19, 6-7:30 p.m. | RSVP Now

Steps to Enroll

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1. Apply

Apply Online

Be sure to indicate on your application that you are interested in participating in the Dual Enrollment program. We encourage you to apply several weeks prior to the enrollment deadline so you have plenty of time to complete all steps.

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2. Complete the Dual Enrollment Form

Speak with your high school counselor about taking dual classes on the CSM campus to ensure that you are eligible to participate in the program and to review graduation requirements.

 Dual Enrollment Form

Please be sure to allow plenty of time for processing.

Click on the link below to access a list of approved courses for your county:

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3: Demonstrate College Level Placement

Option #1: High School Transcript

Attach a PDF copy of your high school transcript while completing the online Dual Enrollment Form, or send a PDF copy via email to your CSM Enrollment Coordinator (see below). Students can access this record in their high school account. If using option #1, you must have a cumulative unweighted 2.75 high school GPA or higher.

St. Mary’s County: Latasha Baker,
Calvert County: Lee Desmarais,
Charles County: Mary Prather,

*Out-of-County Students: Students in Prince George’s County should contact Mary Prather, and students in Anne Arundel County should contact Lee Desmarais.

Home-schooled and private school students should contact the CSM Enrollment Coordinator in their county to discuss placement options and requirements.

Option #2 - SAT/ACT Scores

If you have taken either exam, attach a PDF of your official score report while completing the online Dual Enrollment Form, or email a PDF score report of your SAT or ACT scores to your CSM Enrollment Coordinator. Students can access these reports in their College Board or ACT accounts. If using option #2, you must have a cumulative 2.5 high school GPA or higher.

  • Submit SAT Score of 530 or higher in Math (for placement into MTH-1010 and MTH-1015)
  • Submit SAT Score of 570 or higher in Math (for placement into MTH-1115, MTH-1120, MTH-1130, or MTH-1150)
  • Submit SAT Evidence-based Reading and Writing Test Score of 480 or higher
  • Submit ACT Score of 21 or higher in English and Reading
  • Submit ACT Score of 21-23 in Math (for placement into MTH-1010 and MTH-1015)
  • Submit ACT Score of 24 or higher in Math (for placement into MTH-1115, MTH-1120, MTH-1130, or MTH-1150)

Please note that if you wish to take a higher level Math course than your SAT/ACT scores demonstrate, you should still take the Math portion of the CSM placement test.


Registration Session

4. Meet with an Enrollment Coordinator

Make an appointment with an Enrollment Coordinator to meet, register for classes, and make payment. All documentation must have be received before the appointment.

Schedule an appointment in your high school’s county: 

  • Charles County: Mary Prather, or 301-934-7862
  • St. Mary's County: Latasha Baker, or 240-725-5456
  • Calvert County: Lee Desmarais, or 443-550-6007

Dual Enrollment students cannot register on their own; you must work with an Enrollment Coordinator.