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The safety of the College of Southern Maryland community during an emergency is predicated on advance planning, as well as on building awareness about how the plans will be implemented. Students, faculty, staff, and visitors will be better prepared in an emergency if they know how the college will respond, where they can find information, and what they should do.

Key to that awareness is good communication. This site contains essential tools for sharing plans and providing relevant information in case an emergency arises at the College of Southern Maryland or in the surrounding area.

coronavirus updates

Update to COVID-19 Vaccination Requirement, Effective Fall 2022

The College of Southern Maryland (CSM) Board of Trustees voted on July 11 to modify the college’s current vaccine requirement for students, allowing unvaccinated students to attend Hy-Flex classes effective with the Fall 2022 Semester. Students enrolled in Hy-Flex classes have the option of attending class sessions in person or via Zoom. This change will occur Aug. 1, 2022 to allow time to transition.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Updates

Stay in Touch

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CSM Emergency Alert Service

CSM.TXT is CSM's free alert service provided through Omnilert. This service will send you instant text messages and time-sensitive messages, including up-to-date information on emergencies and campus closings.

Learn More about CSM.TXT

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CSM Safe

The college's CSM Safe app is a vital resource for students and employees. Managed by the CSM Public Safety and Preparedness team, CSM Safe provides quick access to emergency personnel, campus maps, resources, and more.

Learn More about CSM Safe

Contact Public Safety

La Plata Campus
301-934-7888, ext. 7909

Leonardtown Campus
240-725-5333, ext. 5333

Prince Frederick Campus
443-550-6033, ext. 6033

Regional Hughesville Campus

More Ways to Contact Us

Meet the Public Safety Staff

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