Real Story: Diane Reid

Diane Reid

CSM student Diane Reid at work, smiling, in front of a pickup truckCSM Alum, Small Engine Repair

The mystery of how things work has always interested me. When I was a kid, I enjoyed learning, but was never excited about school. I didn't enjoy listening to people talk for hours. I preferred working with my hands. But at the time I had no way to translate that style of learning and working into a career choice.

When I saw listings for Small Engine Repair in CSM’s catalog, I was excited. I thought it was a wonderful opportunity to learn something new and to maybe find work in this field.

For the first time in my life, I couldn't wait for classes to start. Our instructor made the class fun with numerous stories of life in the auto repair industry that also helped to illustrate the skills we were learning in class. It was my first experience learning something I really cared about in a classroom setting.

I acquired plenty of skills to help me maintain and fix the equipment my father acquired over the years. Each piece is an opportunity to expand my learning from what Small Engine Repair taught me.

With what I learned at CSM, I got hired at Atlantic Cycle, where I do service writing and bike assembly. I am beyond thrilled that I am able to do this type of workthe College of Southern Maryland helped me realize a hidden dream. 

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Last updated: 6-29-22

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