Gifted and Talented Program


The Gifted and Talented Program allows college-ready students to begin earning college credits as early as the eighth grade.

Program Info and Eligibility Requirements

Academically gifted students who have completed the 7th grade and who are not yet high school juniors can considered for early admission to CSM on a case-by-case basis, allowing gifted students to earn credits towards the completion of a college degree.

Students will be considered for program admission if they demonstrate the ability to benefit from college instruction based on evidence of gifted and talented status, as defined by testing at the college level on CSM's placement assessments.

This program is distinct from Dual Enrollment, and students admitted through the Gifted and Talented Program do not qualify for the Dual Enrollment discounted tuition rate.

Admissions Steps

  • Apply: Submit an application to CSM
  • Gifted and Talented Form: Complete the electronic Gifted and Talented form found below.
  • Obtain Valid Recommendation: After form submission, you will be emailed a PDF version of your form with provided space for a recommendation. You will need to obtain a written recommendation from a party that is qualified to attest to your status as Gifted and Talented and ready for college level coursework. (This recommendation cannot be completed by a relative or family member of the applicant.)
  • Submit Finalized Form with Recommendation: The completed document with recommendation should be emailed to
  • Demonstrate College Readiness: After review, applying students will be contacted by CSM with instructions for placement testing. Students are required to demonstrate college readiness by placing at the college level on the CSM Reading and Writing placement tests

    Math placement testing is not a requirement for admission, but is necessary for students interested in taking any courses that have a math requisite. This applies to many courses in subjects such as math, science, chemistry, computer science, physics, accounting, etc. Students are allowed one retest attempt per test per academic year.

Gifted and Talented Form

Note: Courses for homeschool students are also offered for ages 5-14 by our Continuing Education division but do not provide college credit.

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