Real Story: Micolina Croson

Micolina Croson

CSM Class of 2023, Homeland Security

micolina-croson02.jpgAccolades, Accomplishments, and Highlights: Graduated with honors; recipient, Outstanding Homeland Security Student award for superior academic achievement 

I was born and raised right here in Southern Maryland. My family is here and we were always very close, so I never wanted to go away for college. I already had a cousin who was attending CSM, along with a few of my closest friends, so it seemed like the smartest choice for me. 

I was right: I ended up meeting my husband at CSM. He and my cousin had a class together, my cousin introduced us, and that fall we attended CSM together. We weren't in any of the same classes, but we had a great time at CSM. It was fun meeting in the parking lot, having him walk me to classes, and going to the library together. My husband and I got married in 2005 and have been together for 16 years. I have CSM to thank for our chance to meet—it has truly shaped my life.  

When our first daughter came along, I put my education on the backburner to be a stay-at-home mom. Around two years ago, I decided it was time for me to finish what I had started many years prior.  

CSM student Micolina Croson, smiling, in a restaurant

To say I was rusty is an understatement; floppy disks were still being used the last time I had attended CSM. There were many changes I had to adjust to, but I adapted and pushed through. 

The second go-around, I was 36, married, and a mother of four. When I returned to CSM, I took all online classes because of how well they worked into my extremely busy schedule. I worked 10-hour days, five days a week running my own business from home, in addition to being a full-time mom and college student.  

I graduated with honors with my associate degree in homeland security and plan to continue with a bachelor’s degree. I have always wanted to help make the world a safer place for all, so I am hoping that I can make a positive difference in my career.  

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Last updated: 1/23/23

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