Real Story: Rhey Mesowski

Rhey Mesowski


Current Student, Mathematics and Sciences

CSM Class of 2021, Accounting

Prince Frederick Campus Student Association President 2021-2023

Student Government Vice President 2021-2022

Family is the most important thing in my life, second is education.  Dr. McCaslin once told me, "You are setting a good example for your child and your future children." That keeps me going, that my child will know that whatever his goals are, if mom and dad can do anything, he too, can do anything.  

The last time I was in school was more than a decade ago, but I had to put my degree on hold to work full time to help my parents send my siblings to college. After a decade of academic hiatus, I finally made the decision to act on my personal goal—to go back to college. 

For a 30-year-old returning student like me, there is always that fear of not being welcome in a college full of students fresh from high school. But CSM became my second home the moment I stepped foot on the campus for the first time. I just felt this sense of being somewhere I know I belong.  

I've had so many great experiences at CSM. My professors have always been supportive and understanding of my schedule as a working parent. My amazing mentors in the STEM group motivated us to take on challenges that would help us become the best version of ourselves.  

I got my accounting degree finished at CSM and I am currently in the AS Mathematics and Sciences program. I am a believer in lifelong learning, so I will be in school for some time, and a career as a data scientist or an actuary is my goal. 

Wherever I go, CSM will have a special place in my heart. With the experiences and skills that I gained at CSM, I can confidently say that the future is bright for me and my family. Go, Hawks!  


CSM is like a family to me. I chose CSM because I felt welcomed on the first day I stepped foot on the campus.
Rhey Mesowski '21
CSM Graduate

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