Provocations Faculty Excellence Speaker Series: Bishnu Ghimire

March 07, 2024 - March 07, 2023
07:00 PM - 08:00 PM
La Plata Campus, Learning and Resource Center (LR Building), Room 102

Provocations speaker Bishnu Ghimire

Provocations Faculty Excellence Speaker Series presents:

“International Students: The New Frontier of Equity and Diversity in Community College Teaching”

Bishnu Ghimire, Ph.D.
Professor of English

March 7, 2024, 7 p.m.
La Plata Campus
Learning and Resource Center (LR Building), Room 102 

Despite the significant change in our demographic and cultural landscape in the past three decades or so, our public institutions have not been able to keep up with the fast-evolving context of the region they profess to serve, and higher education, especially the community colleges, seems not to be up to date.

Promoting equity among faculty directly impacts the overall student satisfaction and success in institutions of higher education. Our students want to see faculty and staff who reflect their own identity and share their values to feel welcome and included. Research also shows that student faculty identification leads to greater student engagement and academic and career achievement.

Dr. Ghimire will discuss possible approaches and remedies to these issues.

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