Electrical Power Technician

Men harnessed climbing an electrical pole

Graduates will be prepared to repair, maintain, install, and service a power distribution system to residential homes and commercial businesses.

This program is offered through a partnership between the College of Southern Maryland, which provides the general education courses, and SMECO logoSouthern Maryland Electric Cooperative (SMECO), which provides the technical courses. Individuals must be employed by SMECO to participate in the technical courses. Successful students will be prepared for electrical power technician careers ranging from apprentice to journeyperson.

Technical courses adhere to Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations. In addition to the technical courses offered at SMECO, students complete general education requirements designed to develop skills in writing, computing, managing personnel, and communicating.

Students who choose this curriculum should recognize that the specialized courses may not transfer to most four-year colleges. Credits for the technical courses will be transferred into the college based upon the recommendations of the American Council of Education as published in the current edition of the National Guide to Education Credit for Training Programs.

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Electric Power Technician, AAS

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