Maritime Operations Technology

Seafarers logoThis program is offered through a partnership between the College of Southern Maryland, which provides the general education courses, and the Seafarers Harry Lundberg School of Seamanship (SHLSS) which provides the technical courses. Individuals must be members of the Seafarers International Union at the Harry Lundberg School of Seamanship. Successful students will be prepared for variety of career opportunities in a maritime career.

There are two options in this degree program:

  • The Nautical Sciences Option gives students the theoretical and practical background necessary to work on the deck and in the wheelhouse of today's modern vessels.
  • The Marine Engineering Option is designed to give students both the theoretical and practical background necessary to work in the engine rooms of today's modern vessels.

Technical courses adhere to United States Coast Guard regulations. In addition to the technical courses offered, students complete general education courses designed to develop skills in written and oral communication, managing personnel, and scientific and quantitative reasoning.

Students who choose this curriculum should recognize that some of the technical courses may not transfer to most four-year colleges. Credits for the technical courses will be transferred into the college based upon the recommendation of the American Council of Education as published in the current edition of the National Guide to Education Credit for Training Programs.

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Maritime Operations Technology, AAS

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