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community mediation logoThe College of Southern Maryland will remain in remote or restricted operations through August 16. Access to CSM's campuses is restricted to pre-approved and authorized personnel. Visit the CSM Ready website >>

We are now offering our mediation services in a remote environment. Please reach out via email: or phone: 301-539-4689. All of our services are free of charge!

Mediation, Conflict Coaching, and Dialogue Circles

Zoom Mediation – In mediation, our professionally trained mediators will use zoom to bring the participants together to promote communication, which empowers participants to face and creatively channel conflict rather than allowing hostilities to build toward violence.

This is a stressful time for all and being in a restrictive environment may escalate problems that have not been resolved.  We are here to support effective communication to assist people in getting through it. Also, custody plans may need to be revised with the restrictions due to COVID-19.  For conflict of any kind please use mediation to find your way to a resolution! 

Conflict Coaching - Conflict Coaching is a non-judgmental, confidential, and voluntary one-on-one conversation between a participant and a conflict coach. Zoom can be used or teleconferencing. The coach's role is to listen, help the participant feel heard and understood, and provide a process that allows the participant to identify their goals, think about strategies to use in their conflict, and possibly come up with their own ideas about how to address the situation. 

Dialogue Circles – Everyone's routine has been dismantled.  We are all seeking a new normal and rebuilding a new routine. Community Building Circles (also known as a Talking Circles or a Peacemaking Circles), uses a structural framework using Zoom, to build relationships and to address events within a community. These Circles serve to create safe spaces, build connections, and offer an opportunity to process what is happening with yourself and others, and to listen and support each other.

Arrange For A Mediation

STEP 1: Make contact with the center via phone, email, or fill out our "Request a Mediation" online form. You may refer yourself, or work with a referral source, such as a local school or agency.

Charles County Community Mediation Center:  301-539-4689 or

Request a Mediation

We will contact all participants and arrange for the mediation at a time convenient to all.

Additional Information:

  • Mediations are scheduled any time – weekdays, evenings, and weekends.
  • The mediation sessions are generally scheduled for two hours. Additional sessions are scheduled as needed.
  • Long-term resolutions are developed in mediation. These resolutions can be put into a written agreement if the parties choose.
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