Planning, Institutional Effectiveness, and Research

Our Mission

The Planning, Institutional Effectiveness, and Research Department (PIR) supports the college in integrating department and institutional planning, improving institutional effectiveness processes, and providing accurate, timely, and relevant data to internal and external constituencies (including county, state, and federal agencies as well as program and institutional accreditors).

PIR seeks to foster a collaborative culture in all projects as bringing different campus entities together is one of its greatest opportunities and strengths. PIR work is conducted with a student-centered and proactive focus ensuring data integrity while providing data literacy.

Our Vision

Transforming CSM culture in support of data-empowered decisions to increase student success. - September 2022

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Contact PIR

La Plata Campus, Community Education (CE) Building, Suite 230

Our Staff

Associate Vice President
Dr. Erin Ebersole

Associate Director
Chip Keech

Acting Assistant Director
Joseph Barton

Research Analyst I
Donna Staff

Research Analyst I
Kevin Hertzler

Student Assistant

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