About the 1098-T Tax Form

About the 1098-T Tax Form

The 1098-T tax form is a tuition statement provided by higher education institutions to all eligible students who pay qualified tuition related expenses (including non-resident tuition) during the calendar year.

The 1098-T form may be used by students or parents to claim education credits on their federal income tax returns.  Specific information on the 1098-T form can be found at www.irs.gov or by contacting the IRS at: 1-800-829-1040.

Frequently Asked Questions

You, or the person who may claim you as a dependent, may be able to take either the tuition and fees deduction or claim an education credit on Form 1040 or 1040A for the qualified tuition and related expenses that were actually paid during the calendar year. There is no need to attach Form 1098-T to your tax return.

If you would like to receive the form electronically (instead of a paper copy), please give your consent by clicking here, logging into your account, selecting “Receive my 1098 only in electronic format” and then clicking on the blue Save button.

The amount included in Box 1 includes all reportable payments for qualified tuition and related expenses (QTRE) received by College of Southern Maryland (CSM) on behalf of the student.  QTRE amounts include tuition, mandatory combined fee, course fees and e-book fees.

Fees not required for attendance at the College are not included in qualified expenses.  These include but are not limited to placement and testing, ID cards, late fees, tuition payment plan enrollment fee, returned check charges, fines, administrative fees, transcript fees, library fines, textbooks and supplies purchased at the College of Southern Maryland College Store.

Federal regulations require students to furnish their Social Security Number (SSN) or Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) for federal reporting requirements. These requirements apply to any student, regardless of whether the student seeks or intends to seek tax credits. A student who does not provide their SSN or ITIN upon request by the educational institution may be subject to a fine imposed by the IRS.

Beginning with the 2018 tax year, Box 2 is no longer used.

This box shows the amount of any tuition and fees reductions in the current calendar year for charges that were billed in a previous calendar year.

The figure in Box 5 - Scholarships or Grants includes scholarships, grants and, if applicable, payments made by a third party under a formal billing arrangement (i.e., outside scholarships, employer provided educational assistance, military, dual enrollment student) which have been administered by the College. If you received other forms of outside scholarships and grants not administered by CSM, it is your responsibility to adjust the figure accordingly. Third party payments do not include payments made by your family members, trusts, loan proceeds or AmeriCorps.

No. Loans are not included in box 5 on form 1098-T.

This box shows the amount of any scholarship, grant and, if applicable, third-party reductions in the current calendar year for aid that was credited in a previous calendar year.

Box 7 will be checked if your qualified tuition expenses include charges for an academic period that begins after the end of the calendar year (pre-registered and made a payment for qualified tuition and related expenses in December for the following Spring semester).

Box 8 will be checked if you were enrolled for half-time during a semester for the relevant tax year. This information might be important in determining certain tax credits.

Only the student. Federal rules do not allow the college to release information to others.

To inquire about incorrect information on your 1098-T form, please email CSM1098T@csmd.edu using your official CSM student email account www.csmd.edu/about/policies/student-email.html.

If you received College credit for a course taken in high school, you may receive a form 1098T from the College.  Please consult the IRS or a tax professional to determine the tax implication of these expenses.

International students who have qualified tuition and related expenses for the past academic year, with a tax identification number (SSN or ITIN), will be issued a 1098-T. Please review IRS forms, instructions, and publications or consult a tax professional to determine your eligibility for a tax credit.

The College is not required to report charges for non-credit classes. Please email CSM1098T@csmd.edu to request a statement.

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