Faculty and Staff Hawk Pitch


Great Things Start As Great Ideas —  What's Yours? 

Your ideas can shape CSM's future.

Do you have a proposal to better serve our students, or facilitate collaboration within the college? Do you have an idea, but want to brainstorm more about it?

Sign up at innovation@csmd.edu for an Info-Innovation coaching and conversation discussion the first Wednesday of the month at Noon.

If that time does not work for you, contact us at innovation@csmd.edu.

Phases of Your Pitch

  1. College Innovation Work Group (CIWG) receives submission and reviews it to make sure the Innovation worksheet is complete.
    • Did you reach out to the department your idea will impact? We can assist.
    • Did you reach out to your immediate supervisor? We can assist.
  2. President's Cabinet reviews pitch.

Submit Your Idea

Submit your idea by completing this worksheet: 
I HAVE AN IDEA! (office.com)


Not sure if your idea is already being done?
Looking for guidance on idea formation?
Send an email to innovation@csmd.edu.

Past Faculty and Staff Hawk Pitch Winners

Graphic of a globe made of world flags2022 First Place Winner: Jennifer Mitchell
The English Learning and Cultural Center 


  • Create an English Learner Pathway (to ensure success)​
  • Designate a Cultural Center to provide language support and opportunities​
  • Offer reduce-cost bridge classes   (to increase future enrollments)

2022 Second Place Winner: Alan Hemming
The Garden Project at Prince Frederick

Goal: To create a space where students, staff, and the community can come to learn and grow together. 


Something that is unique to the garden is the chance, through Farming 4 Hunger, to conduct team building exercises for groups of students, staff, and the community. An average team building experience takes approximately 3 hours and has shown, through research, to improve one another’s view of themselves, others, and the world.

The garden has already begun but we want to create a pathway to the garden that's accessible by everyone (see below). Having ADA access to the garden is very important and it allows it to truly be a community garden. 

Outcome: Concrete pathways were funded to make the garden ADA accessible and available

to use by everyone.sidewalk-to-garden-ada.png


  • To implement a holistic approach toward student academic wellness, success, and retention.
  • Utilize evidence-based, sustainable, and effective mental health mind-body resources for CSM students, faculty, staff and community.
  • Provide an opportunity for personal and professional development to volunteer faculty and staff.
  • Create a safe, calm place for students, faculty and staff to practice mindfulness (i.e., sensory garden, labyrinth, etc.) 
Questions and Coaching

First Wednesday of the Month at 12 p.m.
Email Innovation@csmd.edu to Sign Up

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