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CSM Enters Partnership with Arizona State University to Make Transfer Process Easier

January 18, 2022

CSM Enters Partnership with Arizona State University to Make Transfer Process Easier

College of Southern Maryland (CSM) students who choose to head to Arizona State University (ASU) to complete their degree can now look forward to an easier transfer process thanks to a new alliance that gives them access to ASU’s MyPath2ASU program. 

MyPath2ASU™ is a set of customized tools that help ensure a seamless transfer experience to ASU after earning credits or an associate degree from a community college or university and shortening the time to degree completion. It allows students to take the steps needed, at the start of their college experience, to successfully plan their transfer to ASU, ensuring a smooth transition and minimizing credit loss. 

“At CSM, we know that one of the most valuable things we can do for our students is to help them visualize the path their education will take,” said CSM Coordinator of Transfer and Articulation Jacqui Rogers. “We are so excited about partnering with ASU to give students this great tool for making and following a plan to achieve their goals.” 

Students using MyPath2ASU™ will find their transfer experience simplified. They will have access to personalized tools to help them navigate the transfer experience including: 

  • End-to-end learner navigation through course-by-course guided pathways 
  • Help ensuring course applicability by assisting students with taking courses that apply to their associate and ASU bachelor’s degree 
  • Guaranteed general admission to ASU and admission into MyPath2ASU™ major choice if all requirements are satisfied.  Some majors have additional requirements. 
  • More than 400 course-by-course guided pathways into immersion and online ASU degree programs 
  • Self-service, degree progress tracking through My Transfer Guide to minimize loss of credit 
  • Connected experience through personalized ASU communications to prepare academically and build a connection to ASU 

CSM and ASU will work collaboratively to promote educational degree pathways to ensure their courses are applicable toward their degree in their chosen major. 

CSM students who meet certain criteria are given priority enrollment or guaranteed admission into colleges and universities worldwide. CSM offers more than 200 transfer agreements with more than 60 partnering universities and that number grows weekly. Learn more by visiting CSM’s transfer agreements webpage.

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