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Alumna Destiny Morgan ’15 Earns CSM Distinguished Alumni Award; Embraces ‘Each One, Teach One’

June 10, 2024

“My [CSM] teachers, with their unwavering enthusiasm and flexibility, supported me wholeheartedly as I juggled full-time schooling and a demanding job.”

La Plata resident and College of Southern Maryland (CSM) alumna Destiny Morgan ’15 was honored during CSM’s 2024 Spring Commencement as the third recipient of the college’s Distinguished Alumni Award.

“Alumni are our brightest points of pride – they are CSM ambassadors and they are critical in shaping our community, which is why the Distinguished Alumni Award is so meaningful to us,” said CSM Board of Trustee Chair Shawn Coates when announcing Morgan as the 2024 awardee.  

When Morgan was looking for a flexible, affordable option for continuing her education, she turned to College of Southern Maryland (CSM) and received all the support she needed, and more.

“My [CSM] teachers, with their unwavering enthusiasm and flexibility, supported me wholeheartedly as I juggled full-time schooling and a demanding job,” Morgan shared at an earlier CSM Foundation event. “Balancing 13-hour workdays and six days a week … while still committing to my education was undoubtedly challenging. Yet, looking back, I realize it was worth it.”

After earning her associate degree in General Studies at CSM, Morgan joined the military, then completed her undergraduate degree in Communications at University of Maryland Global Campus. In 2023, she earned a master’s degree in Management and Leadership with a focus on IT from Western Governors University, and she is currently pursuing a doctorate in Artificial Intelligence at Capitol Technology University.

Morgan reached all these educational milestones while living in La Plata and running her own IT company, Kuinua Tech, with her two canine co-workers, Inferno and Azula, by her side. Last year, the IT business owner created the Kuinua Together scholarship at CSM.

“Growing up, my mother instilled in me the importance of not only elevating oneself but also uplifting others and creating opportunities for the community,” Morgan explained. “The values of selflessness and communal support that I witnessed here at the College of Southern Maryland have become ingrained in my being. As both a former student and an alum, I find myself coming full circle. Once the recipient of support and guidance, I now stand ready to pay it forward, to pour into the next generation of students who walk these halls.”

“Kuinua” is a Swahili word that means “to lift up” or “elevate,” and Morgan said that is exactly what her scholarship aims to do: elevate students, particularly students of color, who may have not otherwise been able to access or afford the education required for a tech career. The scholarship was established in Spring 2023 and the first scholarship was awarded last fall.

“The Kuinua Together scholarship beautifully links the past, present, and future of success for CSM students while providing meaningful support for students who are underrepresented in their fields and facing challenges reaching their goals,” Coates said.

“Destiny is a true CSM Hawk Hero,” Coates added. “She’s always there for us, when needed, no matter the task.”

Morgan is also partnering with CSM to help students attain real world work experience while pursuing their degrees. And along with all of this – Sgt. Destiny Morgan continues to proudly serve the country in the 450th Civil Affairs Battalion (Airborne) in White Plains.

“The trajectory of my journey, much like the flight of a bird, was guided by the winds of mentorship and support,” Morgan shared. “Their recognition of the opportunities before me, their belief in my potential, and their commitment to nurturing that potential played a pivotal role in shaping the person I am today. Together, that let us continue to embrace the spirit of "each one, teach one," knowing when we uplift one another, we all soar higher.”

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