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Talented CSM Students Earn Accolades at Annual Student Juried Art Exhibition Reception

April 25, 2024

Artwork by talented College Southern Maryland (CSM) students is currently on display at the college’s Tony Hungerford Memorial Art Gallery as part of the Annual Student Juried Art Exhibition and many of the accomplished students were recently recognized with awards for their artistry.

“I felt very proud to be recognized at the gallery art show,” said Myla Ladjevich ’24, who graduated with her degree in psychology this winter. She received a Purchase Award for a tea set she created in a ceramics class last semester and is continuing in ceramics classes at CSM while attending the University of Maryland Global Campus. “I kept thinking back to when I made the piece and the hours I put into it. This is the first time my artwork has been put in a gallery and awarded, which I was very excited about.”

Ladjevich made her piece, a tea set consisting of a teapot, a lid, and two cups, in a ceramics class last semester. She said that the set was inspired by watercolor paint as the glaze is thinner on the top, showing the natural clay body. Toward the bottom of each piece this glaze is thicker, bringing out a more vibrant hue. She said she added brushstrokes to create the illusion of watercolors.

Photography student Latisha Jones, who also received a Purchase Award, agreed that it was gratifying to be recognized after she took a risk by printing her photograph on a non-traditional medium.

"I felt like all the long hours, all the trials and errors that occurred during this process were understood by the judges,” she said. “I felt like I accomplished the goal that I set for myself.”

Jones also received one of two Walter B. Grove II Memorial Scholarships awarded at the event. The award is available to visual arts students who may need financial assistance.

“Receiving this scholarship has already affected me because without it I would not be able to complete the Photography AAS program,” Jones said. “In the future I hope to show more work in galleries and learn more about the opportunities within the profession.”   

The Annual Juried Student Art Exhibition runs through May 6 in the Tony Hungerford Memorial Art Gallery in the Hank Willoughby Foundation Center for the Arts (FA Building) on the La Plata Campus.

Congratulations to the following artists:

Best in Drawing and Painting - Annabelle Wick

Best in Ceramics - Danielle Gatlos

Best in Photography and Graphic Design - Isabelle Garcia

Purchase Award - Latisha Marie Jones

Purchase Award - Gabrielle Benton

Purchase Award - Myla Ladjevich

Grove Scholarship Recipient: Latisha Jones

Grove Scholarship Recipient: Natalya Stern

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