Digital Media Production

Instructor shows student how to use the camera

The Digital Media Production program uses hands-on real world-based curriculum where students learn to write, produce, and direct public service announcements, talk shows, documentaries, dramatic films, audio production, and website development.

Students use the latest professional video cameras to film their projects and edit them on Adobe Premiere Pro.

The Digital Media Production program addresses the needs of corporate, television, e-business, and other media distribution outlets for existing markets, and prepares the student for the next generation of digital production and delivery. It enables students to create compelling and accessible media content to be delivered on television, broadband Internet, or other emerging distribution methods, and prepares them for successful employment.

Most students in the Digital Media Production program are intending to seek a 2-year degree and transfer to a 4-year institution, but we also serve those who want to enter the workforce with the knowledge and skills that they acquired from the AA degree and those who are taking specific classes to improve current performance in the workforce or start their own business.

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Digital Media Production, AA

Transfer Opportunities

CSM has the following transfer agreements specifically for the Digital Media Production program:

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Internship Opportunities

CSM Digital Media Production students have had internships with the following businesses and organizations:

  • Charles County Government Television
  • CSM-TV (Comcast Channel 98/Verizon FiOS Channel 16) and LPACC-TV (Local Public Access for Charles County) (Comcast Channel 99/Verizon FiOS Channel 11)
  • dbF Corporation
  • Phocus Video communications
  • Prince Georges Community Television
  • Southern Maryland Blue Crabs Media
  • Southern Maryland Electric Cooperative (SMECO)
  • St. Mary's Public Schools Channel 96 Media Production
  • St. Mary’s County Government TV
  • St. Mary’s County Government Television


Awards and Accolades

Digital Media Production students

Annual Anti-Theft Audio and Video PSA Competition

Since 2016, DMP students have been competing and winning awards in the annual anti-theft Audio and Video PSA Competition sponsored by the Maryland State Police, Maryland Vehicle Theft Prevention Council, and Maryland/DC Anti-Car Theft Committee. Our students are the only community college students in the competition.

2022-23 Awards

2020 Awards

2019 Awards

2018 Awards

“Kick, Push, Cruise” Wins Telly Award

A documentary entitled “Kick, Push, Cruise” that was done in Documentary Production won the Telly awards in the category of General Student for Non-Broadcast in 2020.

Career Opportunities

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