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This associate of arts transfer option provides students with proficiency in the Spanish language and familiarity with the cultures and literature of Spanish-speaking communities throughout the world.

The degree is appropriate for students intending to major in Spanish at a four-year institution or for students for whom a knowledge of Spanish language and culture will enhance their academic program or career.

"In today’s increasingly interconnected and interdependent world, proficiency in other languages is a vital skill that gives you the opportunity to engage with the world in a more immediate and meaningful way—whether in your neighborhood or thousands of miles away—while better preparing you to compete and succeed in the global economy." (ACTFL, American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages)

CSM's Spanish language program is proficiency-oriented, and its objectives in listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills are set from the novice-mid to advanced level of the American Council of the Teaching of Foreign Languages scale. Standards are based on the World-Readiness Standards for Learning languages to establish a link between communication and culture by making connections and comparisons, and using these skills to be part of local and global communities.

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Arts and Sciences: Spanish, AA

Transfer Opportunities

While CSM does not have specific agreements for the Spanish program, credits are transferable to many of the four-year colleges and universities that we have transfer agreements with.

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Scholarship Opportunities

The following scholarship is available specifically for the Spanish program, but many more scholarships are available through CSM's Scholarship Finder.

Bill Wood Memorial Spanish Scholarship

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Career Opportunities

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