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A Mathematics and Sciences education prepares graduates to thrive and excel in a variety of knowledge-centered disciplines and careers.

In addition to a firm foundation in mathematical and scientific principles, graduates hone their ability to think critically, to understand relationships, to analyze data, to apply knowledge to unfamiliar situations, and to solve problems logically and effectively. These proficiencies—and the adaptability they afford graduates—transfer to diverse fields and contexts. 

The Mathematics and Sciences, AS program opens the door to a wide array of challenging and exciting careers. The professional and intellectual versatility they develop makes them particularly well-suited to pursuing career opportunities in emerging industries and fields of study or being at the vanguard of new developments in established fields.  

The versatility of the Mathematics and Sciences program is reflected in the professional profile of the faculty. Students learn from professors with backgrounds in aviation, the pharmaceutical industry, and human and veterinary medicine, as well as for government agencies like the Department of the Navy. 

The program offers four concentrations that offer students the chance to direct their educational experience according to their interests and professional goals:

  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Mathematics
  • Physics

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Mathematics and Sciences, AS

See the University of Maryland College Park (UMCP) website for majors in: Biological Sciences, Biochemistry, Chemistry and Environmental Science: Policy-Biodiversity and Conservation - these are all Limited Enrollment Programs (LEP's at UM) with specific gateway course requirements. 

UMCP-CSM Course Equivalencies for Biological Science Majors

Along with biology, chemistry, and calculus courses, students are recommended to take both courses of any 2-course sequence at the same school as the courses may not match up topic by topic. 

Biology Course Sequences @ UMCP:
BSCI 160 = CSM's BIO 1070 
BSCI 161 = CSM's BIO 1070L
BSCI 170 = CSM's BIO 1060
BSCI 171 = CSM's BIO 1060L
BSCI 222 = CSM's BIO 2040 and BIO 2040L

CSM does not offer the equivalent to BSCI 207. Students who wish to take BSCI 207 at UMCP may do so through the Maryland Transfer Advantage Program (MTAP), where students may take one course at UMCP while enrolled at CSM. 

Mathematics Course Sequence for Biological Sciences at UMCP:
MATH 140 & 141 Calculus I & II = CSM's MTH 1200 & 1210 Calculus I & II

Chemistry Course Sequence @ UMCP:
CHEM 131 General Chemistry I = CSM's CHE 1200
CHEM 132 General Chemsitry I Lab = CSM's CHE 1200L
CHEM 231 Organic Chemistry I = CSM's CHE 2200
CHEM 232 Organic Chemistry I Lab = CSM's CHE 2200L
CHEM 241 Organic Chemistry II = CSM's CHE 2210 
CHEM 242 Organic Chemistry II Lab = CSM's CHE 2210L
CHEM 271 General Chemistry and Energetics = CSM's CHE 1210
CHEM 272 Bioanalytical Chemistry Lab, 2 credits = There is no equivalent at CSM. Students should take this course after transfer or while enrolled at CSM through MTAP. 

Physics Course Sequence for Biological Sciences at UMCP:
Students in the  Biological Science major at UMD take PHYS 131 and PHYS 132 (Physics for Life Sciences). CSM does not offer these courses, but CSM’s students could take Calculus based Physics at CSM (PHY-1210/L and PHY-2200/L) to fulfill the two Physics with lab requirement at UMD. UMD students take our PHYS131 and PHYS132 (Physics for Life Sciences) generally in their Junior year, CSM could do the same. UMD does not accept the PHYS121/PHYS122 equivalents (CSM's PHY-1010/L and PHY-1020/L).

Note that starting in Fall 2022, PHY-1210 and PHY-1210L will now be PHY-1310 at the College of Southern Maryland. PHY-2200 and PHY-2200L will now be PHY-2300 at the College of Southern Maryland. These will still transfer the same to University of Maryland College Park. 

To see UMCP Four-Year Plans for suggested course sequencing, please visit

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