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Divine by Design Mentoring Co. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit with a mission to “inspire and empower vulnerable at-risk girls to help them live out their full potential based on God’s plan for their lives.” 
The organization provides trauma-informed mentoring, individual services, and group services to girls in underserved communities. The nonprofit’s services use a trauma lens to provide healing and support to young women. The services focus on their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. They also form relationships between girls and extensively trained mentors. The mentors strive to make all girls feel seen, heard, and loved. They work with the girls to set goals that improve the girls’ lives when they are achieved. 
The nonprofit’s services also teach leadership skills such as “self-confidence, independence, and self-worth.” They help young women find their voice, discover their purpose, learn lifelong skills, and build positive relationships with others. The organization’s goal is to help girls live healthy and whole lives, regardless of their past mistakes or starting points. The nonprofit strives to give young women the tools they need to overcome society’s challenges and become stable, productive adults.
“Divine by Design Mentoring Co. is one of the most innovative mentoring companies I’ve encountered. Being solely geared towards trauma-informed care mentoring, focusing on tackling the issues at hand plaguing our youth is critical. Divine by Design is a catalyst for change within our community.” - Briana Henry, The Pour House LLC
The founder and CEO of Divine by Design Mentoring Co., Ebony Belt, holds a master's of management and is a certified trauma support specialist. She believes that God has created a blueprint for every individual, which is unique to their purpose. Despite having dealt with trauma and other struggles since her childhood, Belt always knew that she had an important purpose to fulfill. She always believed that obstacles and mistakes do not stop a person’s destiny and purpose. 
Belt was raised by her grandmother since neither of her parents were in her life. Her grandmother took her to church, which allowed her to develop a strong faith in God. Belt dropped out of school in 12th grade and had her first son at 19 years old. She then started working at the Prince George’s County Police Department as a clerk so she could provide for her child and help others. After she became pregnant with her daughter, Belt obtained her GED before getting an associate degree in psychology. Then, she obtained a bachelor’s degree in psychology and a master’s degree in management. 
After working for the Prince George’s County Police Department for 10 years, she began working for nonprofits that helped foster care youth, at-risk youth, and the homeless population. Now, as a certified trauma support specialist, Belt makes sure that trauma-informed care is the primary focus of her nonprofit’s services. Through her nonprofit, Belt uses her life experiences, lessons learned, and wisdom to guide young women. She always says that “if I had a “me” when I was growing up, things would have been much different. I am here to be the person I needed as a young girl navigating trauma and life.”
One significant program offered by Divine by Design Mentoring Co. is Glitter and Girl Talk. The program focuses on establishing a sense of individual responsibility for girls through the creation of personal relationships. The program teaches young women to build up their confidence, resolve conflicts, use coping strategies, and more. Glitter and Girl Talk allows girls to work together in a group setting, either during or after the school day. The program’s goal is to guide young women to reach their full potential. Girls in grades two through 12 can participate in the program. Over the past three years, Glitter and Girl Talk has served over 250 girls in Charles County Public Schools. Parents, teachers, and administrators have reported that girls who enrolled in the program have displayed positive behavioral and academic changes. The program continually strives to enhance its projects and be innovative in its approach to guarantee the best outcomes for enrolled students.
“I absolutely LOVE the after-school program Glitter and Girl Talk! My oldest daughter (nine) is a third grader at Eva Turner Elementary School and is currently enrolled in this program facilitated by Mrs. Ebony. Mrs. Ebony’s passion for girl empowerment and encouraging young girls to realize their potential is lovingly expressed as she plans activities for her program. My daughter has completed vision boards, positive affirmation keepsake boxes, and more! Mrs. Ebony’s excitement and genuine concern for each girl is infectious! Life is sometimes tricky, and it’s nice to know that my daughter has another positive support system from which she can benefit.” - Cherice Smith
Divine by Design Mentoring Co. offers other services beyond the Glitter and Girl Talk program. The nonprofit provides weekly individual sessions with mentors for girls that are 12 to 22 years old. The sessions involve the creation of a personal plan based on each young woman’s background and personality. During the sessions, mentors also help each girl improve her social, emotional, and personal skills. Additionally, the sessions include guidance from mentors regarding employment and school grades.
The nonprofit also offers group sessions, which are held in community centers, schools, and other planned locations. The sessions involve members discussing topics such as parenting, job readiness, and safe dating. More services provided by the nonprofit include trauma-informed mentoring, the Mommy and Me program for teen moms, and training focused on preparing for adulthood. Additional information about available programs can be found on the nonprofit’s website.
“Divine by Design led a fantastic training session on trauma-informed mentoring with the mentors working with our girls. The session was incredibly informative and demonstrated the expertise of this organization. I would highly recommend it!” - Jess Marie, Community Bridges
Divine by Design Mentoring Co. collects donations, which enable the nonprofit to offer its services and fulfill its mission. The public can use PayPal to donate pre-established or custom amounts on the nonprofit’s website.
For more information, visit the nonprofit’s website. You can also follow Devine by Design Mentoring Co. on Instagram, X (Twitter), and Facebook.
The information used in this article was collected from Ebony Belt and the nonprofit organization’s website.


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