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Housing Options & Planning Enterprises, Inc. (H.O.P.E.) is a nonprofit community developer and HUD-approved housing counseling agency that works to promote equal access to housing for all through counseling, education, advocacy, and community revitalization. The nonprofit helps people find and keep housing that meets their needs. It does this by supporting sustainable homeownership and building financial capacity for families and communities. The agency also collaborates with realtors, nonprofits, and the government to find solutions that create financial well-being in local communities.

"If you want to keep your home, call H.O.P.E. The counselors work with you . . . making the experience less stressful." - N.A.P. Jr., Client




Since its founding in 2005, H.O.P.E. has stimulated economic growth, which has created stable homeownership for residents of Southern Maryland. The nonprofit has also allowed for disadvantaged populations to strongly participate in the community's economic health. Last year, the agency provided housing counseling services to 885 clients. It also maintained 33 units for assisted living, special needs, and senior housing in Charles County and Prince George's County. Additionally, the organization has completed more than 55 facade improvement projects in Prince George's County.

"You handled everything with such timeliness and concern. You gave me very good counsel along the way, never telling me what I wanted to hear, but what I needed to hear." - J. Spalding, Client




H.O.P.E. provides services that aim to foster self-sufficiency and neighborhood stabilization in Southern Maryland and other areas. The nonprofit's housing counseling program expands housing opportunities and improves the financial well-being of homebuyers, homeowners, and low-to-moderate income renters. Services provided within the program include foreclosure intervention, homebuyer education, and financial capabilities. The agency also offers limited facade and home improvement services to low-and-moderate income homeowners. If a homeowner qualifies for the services, they can receive up to $10,000 in free facade and home repairs. Additionally, the organization's group education services provide knowledge that allows for successful homeownership. The educational programs cover the homebuying process, home maintenance, financial management, and more.

Further, H.O.P.E. provides rental counseling and post-purchase counseling. During rental counseling, the agency calculates housing affordability, develops household budgets, and advises on how to improve credit standing. During post-purchase counseling, the organization provides advice to homeowners on how they can keep and maintain their homes. The nonprofit's website contains information about these services and others.

"I have referred a lot of my friends that needed help to them (H.O.P.E.). Thank you very much." - K. Proctor, Client




Donations from the public allow H.O.P.E. and the communities it serves to thrive. They enable the nonprofit to continually offer housing education programs, provide special needs housing, and increase home retention. They also let the organization help others become financially stable and build economic wealth for underserved or saturated populations.

For more information, visit the nonprofit's website or social media pages. The organization can be found on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

The information used in this article was collected from Shawna Nelms, director of housing for H.O.P.E., as well as the nonprofit organization's website and brochure.

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