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The Arc Southern Maryland is a nonprofit that creates opportunities for independence and personal success for people with different abilities in inclusive communities. The organization seeks to help Southern Maryland become a region where individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) are widely accepted and have access to quality support in their communities. At the state level, it is associated with The Arc Maryland, and at the national level, it is affiliated with The Arc of the United States. The national organization is the world’s largest grassroots organization of and for people with IDD.

The nonprofit runs a podcast called, “See ME. See My Ability,” which launched in August 2023. Its co-hosts are people with IDD, and the podcast invites the public to see people with different abilities for who they really are. It seeks to show businesses that people with IDD can be valuable employees, inform others about how to treat them and their families, and provide the opportunity to listen and learn from people who live, love, and work with them. The co-hosts have weekly discussions about topics such as inclusion, human rights, services, and misconceptions that people have about those with different abilities.



Renee Seigley, the nonprofit’s director of development, created the podcast since the organization received grant funding from Comcast/NBC Universal to be used for technology. She also started it after researching disability-related podcasts and discovering a gap that needed to be filled. Specifically, there were no podcasts in the Southern Maryland region that broadly discussed topics applying to the disability community, their families, and the Southern Maryland community. Since the podcast’s launch, The Arc Southern Maryland’s CEO has found it to be a successful means of furthering awareness about the nonprofit and its mission. He has also found it a useful vehicle for engaging with the Southern Maryland community.



The organization shares its podcast with the Southern Maryland community and beyond. The co-hosts invite others with IDD in the community to join podcast sessions. Most recently, a few people who are supported by the Spring Dell Center started attending the sessions, and they will be featured in future episodes. The podcast’s reach also expands beyond Southern Maryland, with family members of staff and clients downloading episodes while in Europe. Since its launch, the podcast has gone from receiving 30 to 155 downloads per episode. The Arc Southern Maryland’s staff is currently planning future episodes that respond to the community’s evolving needs and interests.

“Empowering voices and breaking barriers, our podcast for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) shines a light on their stories, challenges, and triumphs, fostering a community where every voice is heard and celebrated.” - Lyndee Waldbauer, Podcast Co-Creator



There are several ways that the public can get involved with The Arc Southern Maryland. People can advocate for individuals with IDD by standing up for their rights and influencing policies to improve support and services for them. People and organizations can also give to the nonprofit by making online monetary donations, becoming sponsors, donating vehicles, and more. Additionally, individuals and groups can volunteer with the organization. Individuals may serve on committees, teach classes for a virtual day program, or do one-on-one activities with people who are supported by the nonprofit. Groups may have team-building volunteer days, help with residential renovations, and assist with landscaping projects.

For more information, visit the nonprofit’s social media pages or website. The organization can be found on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

The information used in this article was collected from Lyndee Waldbauer, the development manager for the nonprofit; Renee Seigley, the director of development for the nonprofit; Rita Rich, one of the podcast’s co-hosts; a video from the Maryland Department of Health; and the nonprofit’s website.

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